David Tchekachev
“ Tchekda ”
IT Consulant & Developer



Who am I - What do I do - What do I like

Who I am

My name is David Tchekachev (a.k.a Tchekda on the Internet) and I'm a 21 year-old computer science student at EPITA, a 5-year engineering university. Currently seeking a Software Engineering internship from September 2024 until February 2025

In the past years I developed multiple websites and solutions for companies that had specific needs to computerize and automate some repetitive tasks, which led me recently to register my own company as a freelancer. Solving problems in a creative way is what drives me to keep learning and improving my skills.

I also engage in sport and volunteering activities in order to build new skills that I can use for my professional experience. Keeping myself busy to make myself better and more valuable is one of my most important goals.

“ A language that doesn't affect the way you think about programming is not worth knowing. ”
Alan J. Perlis


Which technologies do I use - How much am I competent using them

Languages I program with

NodeJS - JS - TS
C# - C


Django & Flask

Tools / Technics

Scripting - Regex
Unit Testing

Labels :

  • Advanced : Used in multiple projects, competent with advanced notions, can fluently code with it without hesitation
  • Intermediate : Played with it on side-projects, have some understanding of its use-cases and limitations
“ Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. ”
Martin Fowler

Soft skills

How do I work with other people - What makes me different

What makes me better at what I do

  • My experience in ice-hockey refereeing forced me to master some skills such as communication, conflict management, teamwork, stress management, decision-making, openness to criticism, leadership and many more because I need to take decisions in matter of seconds while managing players that are competing at full speed. I also need to rely on my colleagues as much as they rely on me to take the best decision from the point of view I have and take a step back to quickly analyze tense situations.
  • As a freelance, working with real clients taught me some other skills which helped me gain a lot of experience, for example adaptability, leadership, creativity, time management, project organization, specification formalization and problem-solving are skills that helped me a lot to successfully answer client's needs by providing custom solutions that fit perfectly the requirements provided.
  • As a team manager, I also discovered a lot of new aspects that are helping me efficiently lead my teams by developing a variety of skills like project management, collaboration, decision making, communication, leadership and many others valuable keys to create the best environment for my colleagues and I to work in.
  • Being curious is keeping me interested in the new tools available on the market that could allow me to build new projects in the future. When I want to build something, this allows me to take a step back to research what is already available out-of-the-box to use, instead of building everything from scratch, and then make the best recommandation to my clients in order to have the most time-and-cost efficient proposal.
“ If we want users to like our software, we should design it to behave like a likable person. ”
Alan Cooper


What am I doing else than programming

What I'm doing for others and our society

I got introduced to programming by volunteers on meetups in Paris and, now that I have gained some technical experience, it became important to me to give this opportunity back to the community.

I'm the most proud of the volunteering I'm doing at CoderDojo Paris (see picture) where, each month, I'm mentoring a dozen kids into discovering programing. It's the same community that taught me the basics and gave me the passion I have for computers.

Not only in programming but also in sports, after a dozen years being an ice-hockey player I became a referee to stay at a high-level of competition and engage with players. As an ice-hockey referee, I worked hard to climb the steps to the National level (highest level in France). Working with professional players is very challenging and pushing me to work even harder to provide them with a safe environment to play and enjoy.

“ Talk is cheap. Show me the code. ”
Linus Torvalds


What did I work on

IVAO Webeye screenshot

IVAO Web Manager

January 2021 - Now

Web Team Manager in the Development Operations department. I'm in charge of the overview, supervision, assignement, deployment, testing, validation and maintenance of the IVAO Web Systems. Being part of this organization has given me the opportunity to work with a lot of different technologies, people and problematics to solve on our systems which are visited by thousands of people every day.

  • Backend: PHP (Laravel), Rust, NodeJS (NestJS), Python
  • Frontend: Javascript (ReactJS)
  • Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub Actions
  • Observability: Prometheus, Loki, Grafana, OpenTelemetry
  • Public and Internal API interactions: REST (>200 reqs/sec) & RabbitMQ (200 msg/sec)
  • Team leader: Documentation, Code Review, Onboarding, Coordination with other teams
  • Main projects:
Students with computers

"Avenir" Platform

April 2020 - Now

Highschool platform replacing the paper version of "Fiche Navette" used to collect student's wish for next year's options. With a complete backoffice to configure everything, with common import/export formats and a dashboard for teachers.

Product Page
For highschools
Kardz virtual profile screenshot

Deloitte Luxembourg

June 2023 - Aug 2023

During a summer internship at Deloitte Luxembourg, I lead the development of an internal application in coordination with the UI/UX team while reporting to the company's stakeholders. This project was a great opportunity to learn how to work in a big company and how to manage a project from A to Z.
Also, I had the opportunity to drive some research on Generative AI and how it could be used in such big company.

Kardz virtual profile screenshot

Preen.Me - Aggaeus

Dec 2022 - May 2023

Joined the team as a technical IT consultant & developer to create proof-of-concepts (PoCs) and website MVPs to pre-sell new product ideas in order to test how the market would react and would require a complete full-size solution. Working for this company allowed me to touch a lot of different technologies and new things I wouldn't have thought of, such as BigData, Influencer Marketing, Mobile Application, Blockchain, Medical products, E-commerce, AWS at scale, etc...

Air traffic controller

Internal Automation Tools

August 2021 - Dec 2021

Automating and optimizing repetitive tasks while providing some insights on processes by analyzing statistical data. All tools are hand-made to fit their exact need and integrate with existing internal tools and third-party services.

For AT&R
Self-Made car

High school engineering project: Car with sensors managed by RaspberryPi 4 and an Android Kotlin application to take control if needed


2 months
For national olympiads

DN42 Network

February 2020

Played with DN42 to discover basics of networking and how global Internet runs (BGP / Tunnel / OSPF / Peering / Transit)


3 month
“ Working together produces a greater result than the sum of individual elements ”


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